Smiling Pharm Tech StudentHelping people find their true potential in a rewarding career field

Pharmacy Technician Solutions provides high quality training for individuals that want to become pharmacy technicians.  Most of all, enter the medical field without breaking the bank and spending years in school.  There is no experience necessary.  PTS can give you the training and confidence you need.  Seems like improving your earning potential is easy with PTS telling you exactly what is required.  Consider becoming a pharmacy technician under the guidance of PTS!

Make yourself more marketable with certification

Furthermore, are you a pharmacy technician that is struggling to pass the PTCE?  Improve your resume.  In addition, make more money as a pharmacy technician.  Get certified by taking the PTCB exam. Potential employers want to know that you have been trained right from the start.  Hence, employers want to be confident that you know what you are doing.  The PTCB exam is the gold standard test in the world of pharmacy technicians.  Have you delayed taking the test? Don’t know what to expect on the PTCB exam?  Have you taken the test already?  Are you down to your third try?  Do what we tell you to do.  Study what we tell you to study.  Due to PTS training, you will know exactly what to expect on the PTCB exam.  As a result, you will wonder why you did not contact us sooner to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT).

In conclusion, change to a healthcare career with or without any previous medical experience.  Also, spend less money on your education for that new health care career.  Furthermore, make more money in only 6-8 weeks.

Get CPR/AED training

Nurses, firefighters, lifeguards, teachers, babysitters, certified nurse assistant, and of course pharmacy technicians get CPR training.  PTS provides American Heart Association CPR/AED training.